11 Corporate culture videos you need to see

Company overview videos can be amazing assets in the war for talent, or they can fall flat and make candidates run in the other direction.

We’ve seen many videos in the course of working with companies on their employer brands. We’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t.

Best practices for culture videos:

    • Authenticity (or “honesty” if you don’t like buzz words) is key. The companies who allow a true look into their company and core values are able to capture candidate mindshare. If you’re spending a lot of time editing, that is a big red flag. Video production quality isn’t the most important aspect of a video, far from it.
    • Videos are effective when they dive deep, as opposed to scratching the surface and offering headlines like “we’re innovative.” Instead of creating one 90 second video, think about ways of exploring each role within your company from the voices of those employees who work there.
    • Corporate culture videos need to showcase real employees, as opposed to just the c-level and hard core brand advocates. When we see a smile that’s a little too big, we question the credibility of the content.
    • Filming with a Youtube aesthetic is daring, and holds someone’s attention a lot longer than background music and professional lighting
    • The best videos incorporate humor, while not losing site of the message you’re trying to convey
    • Video sharing on social media can be a huge distribution channel. Job seekers are looking for video production that shows off your core values, but also has something share worth (humor, unique insights, or something truly differentiated about your culture).

Here are a few of the best career videos we’ve seen across companies, and what each one gets right. As you’ll see, the best companies are gaining a true competitive advantage in the war for talent by sharing their company culture.

Dallas Fort Worth Police Department

There is a shortage of new police recruits across the country and the FW PD has come up with some creative solutions to boost awareness.  Check out this Star Wars video, which is nothing short of hilarious (and has over 17 million views on Facebook!):

Oh, and there’s more where that came from…


This video is laugh out loud funny. It’s so hard to incorporate humor into a company overview video, but Twitter nails it while also highlighting some of their key perks, entrepreneurial culture, and what roles the company is hiring for.


Cloudlock has a few funny videos, this being our favorite.  It shows off the humor of the company, while also highlighting various aspects of their employee value proposition and culture.

Door of Clubs

Here’s one you haven’t seen before. While we may be biased as friends of the founders, but we also can’t stop laughing at this Full House spoof. This was put together by the team’s interns, and showcases literally everyone in the company!


GE’s Owen videos, and more recently their Sarah videos (below) also incorporate humor into what can otherwise be a pretty bland discussion (we realize at NextWave that we are rare nerds who like to talk about career paths all day…most people don’t get nearly as excited about the topic).

GE is reinforcing their employer brand, directly going after their talent competition in Silicon Valley, and it’s working!


Another generic careers video…or a really great spoof on what NOT to do. The Fiverr careers video is funny while also showing off great offices, and the end message: “If you’re the best at what you do – come work at Fiverr!”

If you want to create videos that aren’t another generic company culture video, then click here


The company with the hottest tech IPO this year also has a great culture video. They explain a complex product upfront, stay true to their branding which appeals to developers at it’s core (anyone who’s written HTML will recognize the “<>” tags), and highlight the key employee value propositions of working at Twilio.


Shopify does a great job of showing off their quirky and fun culture through a series of videos, here’s our favorite:


Filming a corporate overview video starring muppets was kind of a genius move. The video states that they want people who aren’t going to take themselves too seriously, and the branding aligns with that message 100%.


We’ve heard from several engineers that this culture video resonates with them. It’s only 1 minute long, but dives into why this work matters and the challenges that you’ll get to tackle.


Real employees show off the weird culture at Zappos. This company is famous for paying people to quit. They’ve recognized the power in authenticity and attracting the right people, while repelling the wrong ones.


Are you looking to enhance your careers page with video? You should look here for a way to get authentic employee stories integrated into your efforts.

Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla

Founder at NextWave Hire
Phil is a founder of NextWave Hire.Previously, he was a VC at Bessemer.Phil is a self taught programmer and business nerd who studied at NYU and Harvard Business School.
Phil Strazzulla