Best Glassdoor Reviews in Boston

Employee generated content is becoming more and more important for a company’s employer branding strategy.  This information can be in the form of employee testimonials, social postings, and of course can also exist on sites like Glassdoor.

With the spirit of celebrating awesome company cultures, we wanted to highlight 10 reviews we’ve come across that we think are particularly strong for companies here in Boston.  These reviews are indications that these companies are doing a good job of building a strong culture, and perhaps starting to think through how to leverage this culture for their employer branding efforts:

What’s great about this review is that it’s not 100% positive for everybody.  It very clearly states who should stay away from this company, and who it’s right for.

AthenaHealth Glassdoor Review

One of the fastest growing companies at large scale here in Boston, BrightCove has many five star reviews, and this one caught our eye in particular.

Brightcove Glassdoor

A company known to everyone who eats lunch in Boston/Cambridge, LevelUp has maintained a great culture throughout it’s history.

LevelUp Glassdoor Review

Hot off a fresh $30 million Series C, Salsify is growing fast, with a great culture.

Salsify Glassdoor Review

Bluebird Bio
After 2 years, this employee left a great review.

BlueBird Bio Glassdoor Review

Short and sweet.

Zerto Glassdoor Review

Like many on this list, Vestmark has a strong growth trajectory which shines through in their reviews.

VestMark Glassdoor review

EZ Cater
People, places and things – there isn’t much more to cover than that!

EZ Cater Glassdoor review

Most people are jealous about what is going on at other companies. This employee knows they have it good!

Mendix Glassdoor review

A company with all 5 star reviews, pretty impressive.

Circle Glassdoor Review

If your BDRs are leaving positive reviews, you know you have an awesome culture given how stressful this role can be.

Zagster Glassdoor Review

Last but certainly not least, another company with a stellar culture, all 5 star reviews, and lead by a CEO who is passionate about culture.

Wistia Glassdoor Review

There you have it, some of the best Glassdoor reviews from Boston based companies.

Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla

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