HR Should Control the Careers Site

One thing that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever in the world of business is that HR almost never controls their own corporate careers page.  You know, that page that’s usually under the domain

The Problem

You might be thinking, who cares?  The People team has enough on our plate.  We don’t also need to learn how to maintain and update our own careers site too, let marketing handle it!

While I do agree that HR shouldn’t need to learn HTML, CSS, or how websites are hosted, I do think it’s a huge problem that they don’t own this part of their site and here’s why: most career sites are run by marketing currently, but marketing’s KPIs all relate to revenue growth and demand generation – they literally have no incentive to care about the careers site.  And, while marketing cares about the overall health of the business, the careers site always seems to be #5 on the priority list.  This is why, sorry to say, most career sites are subpar at best.

ugly careers site
This careers page isn’t convincing any candidates to apply.

What we see happen again and again is HR needs to ask marketing (and sometimes IT) to get their pages updated.  This can take a very long time (the worst we’ve seen is a company taking 2 years to update their careers site, average is more like 12 months in our experience).  That’s insane.

A Quick Thought Experiment: What if marketing didn’t control the corporate site

Imagine if marketing didn’t own the corporate website.  To do their job effectively, they need to have a great website that shows off their products through photos, videos, etc.  They need clear calls to action.  They need analytics to see what is working, and what’s not.  Could they do their job if IT owned the website?  What if they had to submit a support ticket every time their site needed to change, and were met with “sure – we’ll handle that.  We just need to build out the new XYZ feature first.  Btu don’t worry, we’ll get around to it!”  They’d have a much harder time hitting their goals!

Imagine trying to sell this product, with this landing page. That would be difficult to say the least.

Well, it’s the same with HR.  How can we expect to attract and convert amazing people if we don’t have beautiful landing pages for our key roles?  What if information changes and we need to make an update?  Can we wait 3 months for another department to get around to helping us?  How are we supposed to do our jobs?

What to do about it

HR needs to control the careers site, plain and simple.  This is why NextWave Hire’s solution allows our customers to manipulate their jobs site directly from their admin dashboard.

Your dashboard allows you to update your careers site, and see analytics.

Imagine the next time you’re on your career site, there is a tab at the top that allows you and your team to add pages, content, see analytics, and a whole lot more!

If this sounds interesting, you can learn more about our careers site offering here, and sign up for a demo of our product here.  We’d love to hear from you!

Phil Strazzulla

Founder at NextWave Hire
Phil is a founder of NextWave Hire.Previously, he was a VC at Bessemer, and has a MBA from Harvard, and studied finance at NYU.