What does NextWave Hire do?  Let us show you…

1) We start with in depth employee testimonials

We use 3 million data points to determine which questions to ask each of your employees.

On average 60% of employees respond to our questions, with each answering 7-11 questions.

It’s not uncommon for companies to get 100 pieces of content back from employees in the first DAY!

2) After you approve the content, we use it to build a beautiful, branded, and mobile optimized careers site

The careers page is the number one used, and trusted resource for candidates.  It’s the mecca for your employer branding efforts.

3) Your careers page becomes a fully functional website with dedicated microsites for your most important roles and offices

Of course, everything is mobile optimized and beautifully branded.

4) After your site goes live, we start building talent communities

Passive candidates that opt-into the talent community get monthly updates on your company.

We know you’re busy, so we write these emails for you, unless you want to customize them with awards your company has won, new office openings, etc.

5) We use ROI focused analytics to see what’s working, and what we can improve

Now you have the same insights into your careers page that a marketer would their landing pages.

6) We push this content via your social channels, and use employee advocacy to amplify social reach

Posts are pushed to relevant stakeholders in your organization on a weekly basis, and then out to their social media handles.

Let’s do it! If you’re ready to see how NextWave can improve your company’s employer brand, request a demo.