How to Calculate ROI from changes in Talent Acquisition Funnel

Understanding and manipulating your talent acquisition funnel is one of the most important tasks for HR professionals.  However, it can be very hard to see where ROI is coming from currently, and where it can come in the future.

How much value does changing our site visitor to applicant conversion rate create?  What about changing the percent of people who make it through the applicant process?  We put together this spreadsheet so that you can better understand the value in changing the conversion rates for the key parts of your hiring funnel.

It’s our hope that you can use this to understand the potential outcomes of your current projects.  Looking at a new ATS?  Run a sensitivity analysis of changing the number of people who complete application processes.  You may find that with very conservative assumptions, you can build a strong business case.  Looking at building out your employer branding content?  See what a 2% change in your top of funnel conversion rates will yield.

Fill out the below and we’ll email your own version of the spreadsheet.

We’ve also put together this video so you can better understand how to use this calculator.  Enjoy!


Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla

Founder at NextWave Hire
Phil is a founder of NextWave Hire.Previously, he was a VC at Bessemer.Phil is a self taught programmer and business nerd who studied at NYU and Harvard Business School.
Phil Strazzulla