Time to Fill Calculator

Time-to-fill is an essential metric for HR professionals to track as they monitor the health of their talent acquisition function.

We define time to fill as the average time it takes to close a given job req, measured in days.  Your metric may be specific to a function (time to fill for Java engineers in Boston), or for the entire company.

Time To Fill = (Total Number of Days of Opened Jobs / Total Number of Jobs)

We believe that this is an essential KPI to track.  It’s also one that has a direct ROI (or negative impact on the business) when it changes.  However, this impact can be hard to quantify, and that is why we put together the below calculator.

Use our free time-to-fill spreadsheet.

Here’s a quick video that explains this calculator in depth.  You can use it as a reference:

Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla

Founder at NextWave Hire
Phil is a founder of NextWave Hire.Previously, he was a VC at Bessemer.Phil is a self taught programmer and business nerd who studied at NYU and Harvard Business School.
Phil Strazzulla